Deke Dickerson & Bloodshot Bill - The Bad Biscuit EP 7" Vinyl Record

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ARTIST: Deke Dickerson & Bloodshot Bill
ALBUM TITLE: The Bad Biscuit EP
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
VINYL COLOR: translucent seaglass
LABEL: Ecco-Fonic Records - EF-1016
PACKAGING: full color jacket, white paper inner sleeve
RELEASE DATE: August 2019
MUSICIANS: Deke Dickerson - guitar, bass, vocals • Bloodshot Bill - vocals, drums, bass, steel guitar 
FILE UNDER: low-fi, greasy rock 'n' roll

Side One:
Bad Biscuit (D. Dickerson, Rogers) Frantic Teen BMI
Never Get Me (Rogers)
Side Two:
Together Tonight (Rogers)
My Darlin' Jenny (D. Dickerson, Rogers) Frantic Teen BMI

Recorded at Sin Studios, Montreal QC, Canada in September 2017.
*A Note About Fidelity: Your record player isn't broken! That's the way Bloodshot Bill wanted it to sound, and Deke was yelling "YEAH!" right behind him.

From the back of the jacket:
"Now, for the first time, these two titans of teenage trash collaborate in glorious Sin Studios Fidelity for a record that will rattle in your brains long after it's finished spinning on your turntable. What kind of music do you wind up with after a week of spaghetti, Tim Horton's coffee, and the residue of every thrift store in Quebec? BUY THIS RECORD and find out!"