The Dave & Deke Combo - Chew Tobacco Rag 7" Vinyl Record

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ARTIST: The Dave & Deke Combo
ALBUM TITLE: Chew Tobacco Rag
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
VINYL COLOR: classic glossy black
LABEL: Goofin' Records - GOOFY 552
PACKAGING: full color jacket, no inner sleeve
FILE UNDER: Foot-stompin' Hillbilly goodness.

Side A: Chew Tobacco Rag (Briggs)
Side B: Twin Guitar Twist (Dickerson) (with special guest, Lester Peabody of The Barnshakers)

from the jacket:
Listen close, friends and tune in to the brand new mastication that's sweeping' the nation! Yessir, whether it's Red Man, Beechnut or Bull of the Woods, The Dave & Deke Combo are here to report that, from coast to coast, from city to the country, the whole doggone nation is swingin' with that ol' pinch between the cheek and gum! You can hear Lance Ray shine up the spittoon, so aim and fire! One thing - don't try and actually play music and chaw at the same time, though - Deke found that out on his solo!

Now, on the flip-flop, Mrs. Dickerson's boy faces off against the Finger-Pickin' Terror of the Frozen North; namely ol' Lester Peabody from the Barnshakers! Throughout a session that lasted prit' near until supper-time, fingers were blistered and no prisoners taken. The End result? A roof raisin' good time for kith and kin!

Recorded all the way up in Helsinki, Finland, it's an extra special earful for all our friends from Belgium to Brisbane - California, that is!

Careful, don't swaller it!
Yer pals, Dave & Deke