Heads up! for 53... Here Comes Three Blue Teardrops - CD

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ARTIST: Three Blue Teardrops
ALBUM TITLE: Heads Up! for 53... Here Comes
FORMAT: Compact Disc
LABEL: self-released
MUSICIANS: Dave Sisson - guitar and vocals • Rick Uppling - upright bass and vocals • Randy Sabo - drums and vocals
4th Harmony Vocals on "Wanted Man" & "Sinner's Spiritual" by Chuck Uchida
Additional Vocals by the Teardrop Baby Dolls: Colleen and Sue
FILE UNDER: Chicago-based rockin' roots music

• Long Hard Night • Rough & Tumble World • West Texas Timebomb • Switchblade Pompadour • Cadillac Jack • Wanted Man • Sinner's Spiritual • Comin' Home • Shotgun Wedding • Moment of Truth • Wished Upon a Star • Petty Crime • Go! She Devil • Another Doggone Saturday Night • Ricochet Rhythm Rockabilly • Shotgun Wedding (early version) • Kill Krazy (early version) • Cadillac Jack (video) •

from the liner notes:
"This collection of recordings has an overly complicated and convoluted history, first being self-released in 1992 as "Heads Up! for 53... Here Comes 3 Blue Teardrops." Later the band signed a deal with London based Psychobilly label Nervous Records and re-recorded 8 of these early tracks which came out in 1993 as part of the "One Part Fist" CD. The band then signed a dal with now defunct Florida based Teen Rebel Records in 1994 and released most of the American tracks in this collection on the "(Stilletto) Poised in Hate" CD. After the label folded in 1998, these recordings became unavailable and increasingly rare to the point used discs were sold at ridiculously high prices and bootleg copies were discovered in far flung places like Los Angeles and Germany. Finally the band got pissed off enough to reissue it themselves.

So... Here you have it: the OFFICIALLY sanctioned Lo Fidelity, 4 track and 8 track early complete recordings of Three Blue Teardrops, all recorded by engineer and rock scene stalwart Chuck Uchida at his Attica studios in the heady early days of the Wicker Park rock scene of Chicago, Illinois in 1991-1994. EVERY track from the band's original cassette and Teen Rebel release is contained here including outtakes, alternate takes and some shit that should probably never see the light of day. Enjoy this document of some classic early American raw Garage PunkRockabilly and Psychobilly by one of the United States earliest purveyors of this exciting genre!"