Upcoming Releases & Swelltune Discography

The Rock-A-Sonics - 2023
Michael Hurtt & His Haunted Hearts - 2023
The Pizza Project - 2023
Black Kat Boppers 45 - 2023
Becky Lynn Blanca -  2023
Televisionaries - 2023
Black Kat Boppers LP - Early 2024


SR45-001 Bloodshot Bill & Friends
SR45-001 Bloodshot Bill & Friends - Shake-Up Teal Variant SOLD OUT
SR45-002 Nate Gibson
SR45-003 The Raging Teens
SR45-004 Three Blue Teardrops 
SR45-005 Tammi Savoy & the Chris Casello Combo SOLD OUT
SR45-005 Tammi Savoy & the Chris Casello Combo - Shake-Up Teal SOLD OUT
SR45-006 Shaun Young & the Texas Blue Dots 
SR45-007 High Noon
SR45-008 The Rip'Em Ups
SR45-009 Willie Barry and the California Hot Shots
SR45-010 Kyle Eldridge
SR45-011 Three Blue Teardrops

SRCD-001 The Crank-Tones
SRCD-002 Sean Mencher Plays Guitar
SRCD-003 Tammi Savoy and the Chris Casello Combo - That Rock n Roll Rhythm!
SRCD-004 Kyle Eldridge - Riverboat Gambler
SRCD-005 The Anglers - Songs For Fishing
SRCD-006 The Rock-A-Sonics - Ain't No Solid Sender
SRCD-007 The HiFi Lowdowns - Damned If You Do...
SRCD-008 Shaun Young - Swell Deal

Digital-Exclusive Releases
SRDR-001 The Doel Brothers - New England in the Fall (Let's Have a Ball!)
SRDR-002 Jittery Jack - My Heart Calls Out to You
SRDR-003 Shaun Young - Pamela
SRDR-004 Kyle Eldridge - Spooky Moon
SRDR-005 Joe Emery - When She's Good
SRDR-006 The Rock-A-Sonics - Jump Wiggle & Shake
SRDR-007 Tammi Savoy & the Chris Casello Combo - It's Been a Good Year
SRDR-008 Black Kat Boppers - Baby My Loving is True
SRDR-009 Black Kat Boppers - Hy-Flyin' Baby
SRDR-010 Black Kat Boppers - You Silly Thing
SRDR-011 Black Kat Boppers - Black Kat Boppin' Atcha
SRDR-012 Jonny Safford - I Think I'm Gonna Fall in Love
SRDR-013 Jonny Safford - Have My Cake
SRDR-014 Jonny Safford - Jonny's Boogie
SRDR-015 Jonny Safford - It's Alright